kindergarten teaching position hiring in Beijing

7000-11000RMB/month salary+bonus
Free furnishhed accommodation
Working visa
We do not requir a degree or teaching experience

Our growing school community is passionate about continuous improvement – and thus is always looking for ways to continue making BIBS an excellent school, a dynamic environment for learning and working. BIBS is keen to provide an exciting and vibrant employment for experienced and dedicated staff who have a high level of passion, commitment and energy.

*Plan to stay here in China for at least one year
*No thick accent 
*Caring and friendly personality
*Experience of working with children
-Instructing students ages 3-6 in the Englishh language
-Utilizing creative,interactive speaking listening activities that engage students
-Classroom management
-Developing lesson plans and contributing to existing curriculum
-Attending meetings,teacher training sessions and seminars
-Teacher is responsible for developing lesson plans and adapting to students' English abilities